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Digital Signage Services | Wichita KS | Custom Digital Signage


Fully customizable to what contents it can be displayed, including dynamic contents and cross applications integrations. We can integrate data and systems that you are currently using into your presentation to make messages more intuitive.



Our service utilizes the best and most cost effective solutions in digital signage to serve your needs without sacrificing your budget. We take pride in providing quality and effective services; digital signage solutions do not require proprietary equipment and designs package to operate. We want to help you to incorporate modern open source technology in digital signage to grow your business.


While competitors package the software and equipment together as a package to make a great profit, we are offering design and implementation services of your choice. This will save you tremendously in ownership and guarantee a return on investment, because we will show you what you need to purchase, we will help you set it up, and we will show you how to maintain it.

Why do i need it?

  • Contents
  • Scalability
  • Platforms
Take control of what customers can see and what they can interact with. From photos to videos, all contents are manageable and there is no limit to what you can design. We are here to help with any design challenges.
Deploy your digital signs across the city or the world, and easily expand the system to as many displays as you need without additional costs or efforts. Our systems will provide a complete platform that will support your operation for decades to come.
Cloud based content management eliminates IT dependency and easy management of connected displays. Connect to as many displays as you need and deliver unlimited contents to any group of displays. On premise content management system is also available if you want to own the whole infrastructure. Displays run on Android, PC, or Mac.